Five Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help You This Summer

Summer means beaches, road trips, frozen lemonade, and backyard barbecues.  All great things when the weather is warm and there are more daylight hours.  Some summertime activities require travel  by car, plane or boat. That could mean long periods of time sitting. You know that’s not good for your back! Weekend warriors could pull a muscle or two, and getting back on the motorcycle might cause some aches and pains.

It’s no problem, though, if you take care of yourself with chiropractic adjustments this season.

How Chiropractic Care During Summer Can Help You

Relaxing…what could go wrong?

If you’re having a STAY-cation this summer you might be soaking up the sun at a local beach or just sipping an iced coffee on the porch. Be careful of excessive heat, and make sure you stay hydrated and relatively cool. Of course, relaxing is good. However, prolonged sitting and some outdoor lounge chairs can trigger knee and back pain.

Keep yourself flexible with routine chiropractic adjustments.

Staying active

Exercises, sports, and other fun activities are great! But that twisting, turning and crashing into your teammates can definitely affect your overall spinal health. As always, hydration is very important. You can continue playing those games without the pain and stiffness when you include chiropractic care as one of your must-follow summer healthcare tips.


Taking a dip in the pool or enjoying the ocean waves are great ways to stay cool (although watch out for sunburn – water is very reflective). Being in the water is great for your spine and body because it reduces the effect of gravity on your joints. Plus, while swimming, all your main muscle groups are active, and the resistance of the water helps to maintain your muscle tone.

Regular chiropractic care keeps your body flexible so you can keep on swimming.


Gardening is a good way to eat healthy: you know what is in your food! Although it can be a relaxing activity, your body–and, back in particular–can be under a lot of strain. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help you garden as long as you want.

Travel-Related Back Pain

Whether you’re staying in state or taking a longer journey, summer is a popular time to take a trip. However, those long traveling hours can really cause back pain and stiffness from sitting so long. It is recommended you stop every couple of hours: get out of the car and stretch for a few minutes. If you are on a plane, and it is safe/allowed to do so, you should do the same.  Although getting out of the plane while in-flight, not a good idea!

Chiropractic care during the summer–and, all year–can help prevent pain. When it does strike, it can be addressed in a non-invasive and drug-free way.

Happy Summer!

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